KOHTAY is our brand that will include different niches that fit together with our overall mission statement to help “LIFT” people globally.

Those words under our logo (Fun,Love,Giving) are not window dressing or a cool marketing slogan, they DEFINE who we are and how we will conduct ourselves to grow our brand worldwide. We are Marcus Kohl and Greg Taylor.

The Main Niche Is Technologies You Love And Use Every Day -SmartPhones,Computers,Tablets, Smart Home Devices & More..

All the brands you love and crave….Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Facebook at the lowest prices anywhere!

We Are Authorized Dealer For Currently Over 100 Category Creating Technologies Never Seen And No Cell Bill Wireless Service

NDAs have been signed so can not share about exclusive tech products. We can tell you about exclusive with DiMora mobile phones that have more features than Apple iPhone….at 1/3 the cost!! We offer the only no monthly wireless bill in Telecom industry HERE.

Better than being lower cost than ALL Telecom companies, especially the “big 4” …our company will share some of the billions made on YOUR data to each subscriber ( YOU ) unlike all the other telecom companies who make billions of dollars every time you use Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, YouTube, Google, Instagram, Pinterest, and on and on. YOUR mobile device is like a ATM machine for your wireless carrier. No wonder Verizon charges $275 early termination fee if you want to leave them under contract!! OUCH!!

We are exclusive authorized Dealer for MCS Global Link. One out of only 300 dealers worldwide.

Our fist offering available now is UNLIMITED Talk, TEXT, & DATA mobile service with NO MONTHLY BILL. Steve, the billionaire owner, wants to spread LOVE around the world by helping every man, woman, & child on the planet communicate and come together without having to pay a monthly cell bill. He also believes people should not have to pay monthly Internet bill. ( Our kind of guy! ) There is no internet service offered now. You can get the no cell bill service HERE

The “Giving” is real. Marcus and I live by “The Law Of Reciprocity”

There will be a “GIVING” tab in the menu at the top of this KOHTAY site. It will not be junk reports, worthless PLR books/training/free software, discount coupons, or anything else to collect dust on your hard drive….. This will include life changing & life transforming information for ALL 7.5 billion people on earth that I personally paid $1,200.00 for, and it will be offered in multiple languages to help our brothers and sisters who do not speak English. This information transformed me from total financial devastation and a diagnosis of clinical depression, post traumatic stress syndrome, and suicidal thoughts for over 1 year….. to building KOHTAY with my partner Marcus…a global brand competing in the multi-trillion dollar technology & telecom industry and chosen to be one of only 300 authorized resellers in the world!

One more example of what KOHTAY will be “GIVING”…..for every ENGLISH speaking business in various industries…we are giving professional commercials for your business that currently sell for $500.00 to $1,000.00.

There will be more, much more!!