Welcome to KOHTAY!!

KOHTAY is our global brand and growing tribe of people from all walks of life and every corner of the world that believe in “FUN-LOVE-GIVING” is a way of life and humans are more important than “material things”.

You can be a part of this beautiful love energy to help “lift” people all over the globe…no matter their financial status, ethnicity/race, religion,or life circumstances. You can support KOHTAY and be part of this global mission, NOT with money or donations, but supporting us by

Those words under our logo (Fun,Love,Giving) are not window dressing or a cool marketing slogan, they DEFINE who we are and how we will conduct ourselves to grow our brand worldwide. We are Marcus Kohl and Greg Taylor, just regular humble guys, and founders of KOHTAY.

The “Giving” is real. Marcus and I live by “The Law Of Reciprocity”

There will be a “GIVING” tab in the menu at the top of this KOHTAY site.

It will not be junk reports, worthless PLR books/training/free software, discount coupons, or anything else to collect dust on your hard drive

First item is life changing & life transforming information for ALL 7.5 billion people on earth. I personally paid $1,200.00 for this and interpreted it and wrote KOHTAY Wisdom. It will be offered in multiple languages written and audio to help our brothers and sisters who do not speak English. This information transformed me from total financial devastation and a diagnosis of clinical depression, post traumatic stress syndrome, and suicidal thoughts for over 1 year….. to building KOHTAY with my partner Marcus and a foundation to honor my beautiful father to help kids globally.

One more example of what KOHTAY will be “GIVING”…..for every ENGLISH speaking business in various industries…we are giving professional commercials for your business that currently sell for $500.00 to $1,000.00.

There will be more, much more!!