Want to Know the Secret to Get 10 X Return All the Time?


This closely held secret has been passed down in the dynasty families of
the super wealthy for over 200 years. It is talked about in the Bible so
it actually goes back further than the beginning of America.

One of the greatest fortunes ever accumulated privately was amassed by
John D. Rockefeller. He believed in the principles of sowing money. He
did not walk around telling everyone about it; instead when asked in
interviews,”How did you make all your money?” he would only say,
“I made it through hard work”.

He wouldn't tell those of the general public that he believed in the secret
principle of sowing money; he told his sons, and a few people who worked
with him, but that was all. Even though J.D .R. has long passed over, the
family still continues giving money away.

Lesson to be learned: As you sow, so shall you reap. If you do not sow,
you cannot reap.

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Even though John D. Rockefeller was considered eccentric to go around
giving everyone he met a brand new dime, in reality what he was doing
was getting back a brand new dollar for each dime he handed out.
Giving money away and receiving it back tenfold almost became religious
practice for him.

Was he selfish or greedy?

Is a farmer selfish to plant or sow a portion of his best seed that he
may have a good harvest? Don't think of money as an object of greed;
think of it as a means for acquiring good for yourself and others.

Remember: Everything duplicates after its own kind.

Isn't money the root of all evil?

NO. The love (lack) of money is the root (cause) of all evil. Rarely do
the poor help the poor. When was the last time you heard of a local
millionaire caught for holding up corner grocery store? Usually,
the story goes,”generous individual makes contribution to charity”.
When John D. Rockefeller was a young man starting out in life, his
salary was only $3.50 a week. Even so, he gave $1.80 a month to his
church and/or charities. Then later, when he was a multi-millionaire,
the Rockefeller Foundation still gave hundreds of thousands to charities
and other causes. He didn't take … he gave.

In the Bible it says, when men tithed, they prospered. When they did not,
they were in need.

What is a tithe?

The practice of giving a percentage of income to a church, a spiritual
organization, or any other group or individual you feel is making a worth-
while contribution to the world.

Is tithing and sowing money one and the same?

NO. The tithe (usually one tenth) is a gift after you have a income.
Sowing money is a gift in order to claim a tenfold return. Your sowing
(seeding) may be one dollar or one thousand. The difference is quality,
not quantity.

Sow in abundance, reap in abundance; sow sparingly and reap the same.
Sowing money is not a remedy for lack; it is a method for becoming
conscious of prosperity.

Andrew Carnegie, who made a fortune in the steel industry, started with
nothing. Carnegie put his full trust in the Law; kept his secret, and it
is said that he gave and received during his lifetime more than 350 million dollars.

Andrew Mellon, another self-made millionaire, was a firm believer of
the practice of sowing money. He too preferred to practice it secretly for
he did not want negative thoughts of others to put doubt in his belief.

While there are no records, it is said that he gave and received over
one Billion dollars.

In closing, how about those who would like to begin sowing but are
afraid that they won't even yet their original investment back?

You cannot believe in lack and unlimited supply at the same time.
In the practice of sowing money, it is not important “how we reap”,
it's only important “how we sow”.

AVOID DOUBTS. Rich thoughts produce rich experiences. Surplus
thoughts produce conditions with abundance.

Never pass an opportunity to sow. To whom or where you give is an
individual matter.

Note. When you give, it should be remembered that we have no more
right to say how the money should be used, than we have a right to tell
our grocer how he/she should spend their profits.

The simple formula for successfully sowing money:
1.Give any amount you wish to any person or group.
2.As you make your gift, mentally claim your return tenfold.
(Repeat the affirmation.)
3.Believe you have already received whatever it is you want.
4.Important. Tell no-one. Give your gift in private; in the spirit of
complete trust, and the formula will work every time you work it.
5.Repeat. Never pass an opportunity to sow. A lost opportunity to
give is a lost opportunity to receive…. M-O-R-E .

“Those who hang onto all their seeds … can't expect a harvest”

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