8 signs The Law of attraction is working for you


For those fortunate people that heard about Law of Attraction, and
manifesting, and read the book “The Secret”, or read my Free info
KOHTAY Wisdom on how to live your perfect dream life, they are living
a peaceful, joyous, stress free existence here in schoolhouse earth.

I have learned that some people are so brainwashed into thinking life
has to be difficult and hard, they will not open their mind to the
concepts of law of attraction and manifesting. For those who have boldly
entered this beautiful way of living here are 8 things that you will notice…

1.You Feel Open To Changes in Life

There is an energy in the universe, a natural law of thought that
like attracts like. When people resist in their “thoughts” about
any situation and allow negative thoughts to creep in, they actually
attract those things they resist. When you control your thoughts you
start to experience being open and excited about changes in your life
knowing the changes are always for the better.

2.You Start Manifesting Things at a Faster Rate

When you internalize KOHTAY Wisdom and your actions and thoughts are
in harmony with the universal laws, you start to notice how you attract
the right people and resources needed to manifest your ideal reality.
It seems effortless and you feel no stress and start expecting all the
things you desire in your life.

3.You Can Melt Clouds With Your Mind

Yes, I said you can melt clouds with your mind. When I actually did this
the first time I thought it was a coincidence. After I repeatedly did it
multiple times in a row I knew this manifesting stuff is for real. Here
are the simple instructions: You look up into the sky and when you see
those groups of fluffy clouds, you always see some small ones close by.

step 1. Focus on this little cloud and send it warm love energy.
Sometimes I would think about the love I have for my mother or father
and as I felt that love I would stay focused on the little cloud and
send that love to the cloud and in usually 2 or 3 minutes it will
disappear every time. The explanation I learned was this is God's way
of letting us know he is still in the miracle business with this
fascinating little life coincidence?

4.Good Things Keep Happening to You

When you learn to keep your thoughts on what you do want instead of
what you do not want, you notice how all these good things keep
happening to you. Meeting great new people, people inviting you to
go to fun exciting events, getting raises, getting promotions,
people around you always seeming to be happy. It starts to be so
definite and not coincidental it seems magical at times.

5.You Keep Your Attention on The Present Moment

Most of our lives, we have been fooled into thinking that only the
future matters, and the present moment has no value. If you have
noticed your life going in the right direction, you’ve likely learned
how to shift your attention to the “now” instead of focusing so much
on the future or worrying about the past. Each moment you have, you
focus on what you learned and keep the lessons with you along the way.

6.You Don’t Feel Afraid to Tell The Universe What You Want

Whether you believe in angels, spirit guides, or your higher self,
you have gotten comfortable with the idea of telling the universe
what you want, and actually working for it. If you are unsure in your
life, you are comfortable asking for guidance . As you delve deeper
into spirituality and your understanding of the laws of the universe
you know you are worthy.

7.You Feel an Overwhelming Positive Energy In Your Life

I guess it is like the feeling of people who experience being saved
by their acceptance and belief in Jesus Christ and God. I feel happy
and joyous all the time, even when life is challenging. This positive
energy radiates out and attracts other positive people in your life.
I get so excited when I meet someone new and I feel that positive
energy radiating from them and I feel so lucky to get to know them
and be around them.It is like our “souls” recognize each other.

8.You Have This Inner Knowing and a Peace

It is so powerful to have that inner knowing. It is like you know a
secret that hardly anyone else knows, but you feel this love energy
that inspires you to share it with others so they can feel this awesome.
Living in peace and tranquility is a rare thing and we should always
express our gratitude to the universe to live in peace.

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