The 5 Easy Mental Changes That Will Transform Your Life Today

1.News fast

I know this one will get some push back from lots of people who watch
the news more out of habit than a pressing need to watch any given day.

Let me first start by dropping some heavyweight names to start the discussion.This concept was first introduced to me on Oprah's talk show years ago.

The guest was Dr. Andrew Weil , a Harvard M.D. who wrote a best seller called,” Optimum Health” There is a lot of solid knowledge in the book and one topic was the definite serious physical health consequences due to stress. The one actionable advice he gave was a complete news fast both television and remember those packages of paper called “newspapers”. LOL

I used to watch national news years ago because it came on when I was eating. So I did it unconsciously as a habit vs. a conscious decision to expose myself to the misery and mayhem that took place all over the world. The news media has taken negativity to a whole new level sensationalizing every event for ratings, not because it is newsworthy. It is a business today. I am 59 years YOUNG so I remember “the real news” in the days of Walter Cronkite. Back then it was real journalism of story with who, what, when, why, & how.(I took journalism class in high school)

The point is, do you really need to fill your mind with death & destruction,
and negativity. How do you think it affects your kids who are not emotionally equipped to process the information. Try it for a month and watch how your emotions feel very different. You can go to the next level by consciously choosing what television programming you watch that is filling your mind with garbage.

2.Control your mind/thoughts -Live consciously

We live in a fast paced society today and it seems to go faster & more hectic every day I know the challenges of mornings with kids and all the unpredictable daily events. If you do not make conscious decisions of how to start each day to get maximum power and productivity from your brain you are destined to live the same barely hanging on daily lifestyle for the rest of your life.

Step 1. Get up early enough to meditate or sit in the quiet to prepare your mind for the day. We consciously set our mind to take on the day's challenges. If you have never done this, you are not going to believe how this 5 minutes or so every morning will change your life.

Step 2.Know that there are two parts of our brains…conscious and subconscious mind. If you are just relying on your conscious mind you are using only 10% of your mind. Become unstoppable in every area of your life by learning how to tap into the other 90% of your mind power. I am giving away a FREE life transformation training called  “KOHTAY Wisdom” that teaches you quickly how to easily accomplish this.

I know you have had multiple experiences where you maybe wake up late, issues with children and breakfast, dog poops on your carpet, and it starts a momentum for the whole rest of the day. Your boss complains about you being late, then you mess up a  report you are writing, you later give an unorganized bad presentation, you come home and have argument with spouse, and on and on it goes.

You are right if you are thinking bad stuff happens daily. You will experience a different happier reality if you mentally (consciously prepare). I promise.

3.Protect your environment

Do you notice a theme of making conscious decisions to create the life you want? For many that read this blog post, my hope there will be one (or more) light bulb moments from being AWARE of life situations that are detrimental to your happiness.

This conscious change can be a tough one to take action on, but for some this could be a defining moment to improve your quality of life, your joy & happiness. There are people in our lives that are toxic to our experience here in schoolhouse earth. It can be aquaintances in circle of friends, it can be a friend. It can be a boss or co-worker or a business partner.It can be member at your church or even one of the church leaders.

This one is really challenging….it can be a family member..
mother,father,brother,sister,grandmother,grandfather,uncle,aunt, or cousin.

You know what I am talking about. These toxic unhappy souls spew negativity non stop 24/7 as effortlessly as breathing air.It makes me cry to think about children that are trapped in this situation with (parents??) that fill their beautiful little minds with hate and negativity for years. I hope that YOU never experienced that.

I am assuming most reading this are adults, at least in the case of being able to think as an adult, and I am begging you to take action on this situation in ALL relationships in your life!

Remember we are making conscious decisions. There may be some people you share an environment with like work, or church, PTA meetings, social events. You must take control and at least minimize your exposure to these toxic people.

 The best outcome is when you can make them disappear out of your universe.

Situation 2. The hardest is when it is an immediate family member.

I will never forget this statement that Iyanla Vanzant (talk show host, spiritual leader, best selling author) made. “Sometimes your own family member can be the noose around your neck” WOW! Luckily I grew up with loving parents and a brother and sister who I love and admire.

I do not want to get into the situation here where you are still living under parents roof. That is a whole book and resources to solve that. This is for adults that control your living environment. First I remember one of the big TV life coaches giving this advice, “You teach people how to treat you.” This includes father, mother, brothers, sisters and spouses. It is vitally important for your joy and happiness that you take action on this! One thing is gather the courage to let the (offender) know in private conversation how they make you feel bad and if they truly love you can they try and change.

If they do not at least try, since you are not forced 24/7 contact with them you can minimize your exposure without drama and making it a big deal.

4. Learn the Power of Giving

One of the greatest fortunes ever accumulated privately was amassed by
John D. Rockefeller. He believed in the principles of sowing money; he did
not walk around telling everyone about it; instead when asked in interviews, “How did you make all your money?” he would only say, “I made it through hard work”.

He wouldn't tell those of the general public that he believed in the secret
principle of sowing money; he told his sons, and a few people who worked
with him, but that was all. Even though J.D .R. has long passed over, the
family still continues giving money away.

Lesson to be learned: As you sow, so shall you reap. If you do not sow,
you cannot reap.

When you give one dollar or $10 unselfishly, you also give with the
idea that it will also be returned TENFOLD. In other words, give someone
a dollar, expect to reap $10. Give $10, receive $100.
That's the essence of sowing money.

You must know you are going to receive tenfold as you give. (Re-read that)

Each time you give, repeat the following affirmation:

I have received $______ (exactly ten times the sum given) in
return with good to all concerned. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

In my FREE Life Transforming info “KOHTAY Wisdom” this section is the largest part of KOHTAY Wisdom. This concept is a daily part of my life even when I had no money. I am happy I could introduce the concept here, but to really understand and believe it you have to get the whole story and the evidence and I promise this will dramatically change your life in ways you can not imagine.

This works whether you are dead broke or just struggling financially.

If you are anywhere close to situations above, I am begging you to get
KOHTAY Wisdom! It works for me and brought me out of total financial devastation!

5. Anything You DO, is Everything You Do

I was lucky to meet a guy who was a licensed electrician by training, but
wanted more out of life. I witnessed him start an online business and in
less than one year he was making over $100K PER MONTH!!

He said something to me one day that hit me like a lightning bolt!
He made the simple statement, “Greg, anything you do, is everything you do.”

Jason later explained the meaning… Everything you do in your life from the
mundane every day task to your task for job or business should be attacked
and performed at the best of your abilities because this bleeds into everything
you do in life.

Important things like parenting your children. If you allow yourself to be
half ass at any task you do, this probably bleeds into your parenting efforts.That might be crazy example. I was just trying to make the point that everything is not about making money, advancing your career, or building a business. You probably work hard and work at taking care of your family. I grew up with parents that worked hard (multiple jobs at beginning) so I learned work ethic and besides being a professional magician at 12 yrs old, I was working under age at 13 as a bus boy cleaning tables at a premier Steak House restaurant.

I am talking about learning a whole other level of being and performing in
whatever capacity you are involved. We are talking Olympic gold dedication.It is about being excited and passionate about what you are doing vs. just showing up. This is a level and a being that has just happened to me in recent months. I want “it” (whatever the it task is) to be harder and I get excited that I am lucky to be able to accomplish the impossible.

I picture the scene in Matrix where Morpheus does the little inviting hand gesture to Neo….meaning bring it!! I find myself in challenging life situations picturing that and saying” Bring it!!”

Bring it!!

This isn't about me. I just want you to consider anything you do is everything you do.

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