Creator of 7 different 7 Figure Businesses Transformed My Success With 1 Mindset Shift


In 2010 I walked away from my very financially successful online business
to work with a man I met while involved with Primo Vacations. To help you
understand why I would walk away from my business earning $6K to $7,000.00 monthly and growing I explained it to family and friends this way….

This guy Domonic had built seven different multi million dollar companies
in diverse markets, private companies as well as publicly traded. He had
personally earned over 18 Million dollars after his Navy Seals career.

I have always been an entrepreneur and think and make decisions like an
entrepreneur. Calculated risk, but NEVER afraid to go for it.
So I told people, This is like Donald Trump calling you up and saying,
“Greg, I have made good money in Real Estate and I would like you to come
live at Trump Tower and I am going to teach you how to go to the next level”

I had had success building small national distribution nutrition companies,
been in women's designer clothing business at 21, been National sales manager at 2 companies, but I never had opportunity to work beside someone and live at his house in Thailand like this!

There were many things I learned that were great business mentoring and there were some things I learned from him that did not fit my morals and values.

The one important thing he taught me was not to learn the specific mechanics of what great intelligent business leaders did, but to learn how they “THINK” about decisions they make in business. That was a simple but real light bulb moment.

I want to share one powerful lesson I learned from a self made millionaire.

I was lucky to meet a guy who was a licensed electrician by training, but
wanted more out of life. I witnessed him start an online business and in
less than one year he was making over $100K PER MONTH!!

He said something to me one day that hit me like a lightning bolt!
He made the simple statement, “Greg, anything you do, is everything you do.”

Jason later explained the meaning… Everything you do in your life from the
mundane every day task to your task for job or business should be attacked
and performed at the best of your abilities because this bleeds into everything you do in life.

Important things like parenting your children. If you allow yourself to be
half ass at any task you do, this probably bleeds into your parenting efforts.

That might be crazy example. I was just trying to make the point that everything is not about making money, advancing your career, or building a business. You probably work hard and work at taking care of your family. I grew up with parents that worked hard (multiple jobs at beginning) so I learned work ethic and besides being a professional magician at 12 yrs old, I was working under age at 13 as a bus boy cleaning tables at a premier Steak House restaurant.

I am talking about learning a whole other level of being and performing in
whatever capacity you are involved. We are talking Olympic gold dedication.
It is about being excited and passionate about what you are doing vs. just
showing up. This is a level and a being that has just happened to me in recent months. I want “it” (whatever the it task is) to be harder and I get excited that I am the lucky one to be able to accomplish the impossible.

I picture the scene in Matrix where Morpheus does the little inviting hand gesture to Neo….meaning bring it!! I find myself in challenging life situations picturing that and saying” Bring it!!”

This isn't about me. I just want you to consider anything you do is everything you do.Powerful lesson from a super successful business person of how he “THINKS” not about the mechanics of how he accomplishes great things.

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