Always Remember the Beautiful Story of “The Little Chapel”


Who doesn't love a good story? Hopefully you were lucky enough to grow up with loving parents who read stories to you, especially that special bonding time of love at bedtime. This is a beautiful little story that has a lesson, and illustrates the beauty in humanity in special human beings among us here in schoolhouse earth.

Do you know what a chapel looks like?

There's a little old man who owns a motel in Hawaii it's a great little spot.
A bungalow style and the structure is long and low. The attitude in this little
motel was warm and friendly. The staff always walked around with a smile on their faces. Everyone was happy and it was contagious! The food in the
restaurant almost melted in your mouth.

There was a young man in his late teens early 20s who had long greasy hair,
his t-shirt was dirty and torn… his jeans looked like they hadn't been
washed for several days. The reason this young man looked so pathetic for
several months he had been on every conceivable drug or dope imaginable.
The young man hadn't eaten for several days.

He heard about the little old man and his very popular motel that he was
kind and considerate and the people in the village called him generous.

The young man wandered over to the motel and asked to speak with the little old man privately.The little old man listen closely as the young man explained that he was looking for something to eat in exchange for any duties and that he wasn't looking for a free handout, he was willing to work. After the young man had finished his pitch the old man thought for a moment and very quietly said, “I'm sorry I can't do that” The young man, very disappointed turned and started to walk away. The old man said would you like to know why? Very discouraged he said, “not really. You said no. No usually means no.

“Come back for just a moment. Let me explain why I said no. You see, I don't
really have anything around here for you to do. Alice looks after all the
dishes in the restaurant. John looks after all the grounds. As much as I would like to help you out, If I gave you any one of those jobs I would be putting them out of work.

But if you're interested, I would like to invite you to join me for lunch today.
Not only that, anytime you're hungry, if you would just let me know a little
in advance I always love to have company when I eat because I'd really like to get to know you better.”

Two or three days goes by with the old man eating lunch with the young man.

The old man said, “Call your mother today and say hello.” what the old man
did not know but suspected, perhaps this young man hadn't talked with his
mother due to his circumstances.

The young man had not talked to his mother for almost a year. He knew if this was a typical mother-son relationship she probably spent many sleepless nights wondering and worrying about her son. Where is he? Is he in trouble? Is he okay?

The old man said, “Give your mother a call.”

“I can't” said the young man “she doesn't live on the island.”

“That doesn't matter. Give her a call” He reached over and pulled the telephone
to the table and the young man made the call.

Tears of joy began to flow when the young man said “Hello mom, this is your son.”

They talked for a few minutes then the young man handed the telephone to the old man and said, “My mother would like to talk with you”

The woman began saying, “I don't know how I will ever be able to repay your kindness. Please keep your eye on my son. I will take the next available plane from Boston and retrieve him as soon as possible.”

The old man said, “Don't rush everything here is fine when you get here we'll be waiting,” She arrived within a couple of days and she and her son had a wonderful reunion. After one week it was time to go back home. Everyone is standing in the tiny little office. It's a typical motel office. it's small. There's a counter across the middle of the room and there's a doorway behind the counter that leads to the living quarters of the little old man.

Above the counter was a picture hanging on the wall. The woman pays the bill. They were just about to walk out the door when she stopped in the middle of the doorway and said, “I wanted to ask you about the picture above the counter? Do you mind if I ask you what it's all about?”

The old man smiled and a twinkle came to his eye.

“That's the blueprint for our new Chapel. Did you notice right behind our
present building, we've already poured the footings for the new building.”

What I didn't mention to you on the side of the property was this little
building all by itself under an old tree about the size of a 6-man sauna.
The old man told it's his Chapel. Not his church. There is a difference,

The old man insisted all his staff take two Chapel breaks every day besides
their normal 10 or 15-minute coffee breaks. They could have an additional
10 or 15-minute chapel break which they could use in any which way they wanted.

For instance, if a person was religiously inclined they could spend the time
in prayer. If the person was inclined to be spiritual they could use this
time to relax their entire body and meditate. If a person leaned more towards philosophy, they could just take a nap. it didn't matter what you believed the little old man never imposed his beliefs upon anyone and it didn't matter how you described your God, he knew a rose is a rose and by any other name is still a rose.

After staff, motel guests could use the facilities and there was always a
waiting list of people wanting to use this unique little chapel. even if
it was just for a few moments.

All excited he says, “Oh my dear, that's the blueprint of our new chapel.
With our few resources, we've already started the foundation.”

The woman asked, “How much is it going to cost to complete the whole project?”

“Because we have to bring in all the materials from the mainland,
three hundred thousand dollars.”

“Is the money the only thing that's holding up the project.”

“Yes, but that's only temporary. You see I believe in the power of prayer.
All I have to do is ask and God will do the rest.”

“I know said.” the woman. She came back into the office walked up to the
counter, reached into her purse, pulled out her checkbook and wrote a check for one hundred and fifty thousand dollars then said, “Spend the money as if it was yours. Save all the bills. and as soon as you run out of money, send me all those bills and receipts and I'll send you the balance to complete your new Chapel.”

Remember, it's not always money you need or want.. rather it's that things
that money can buy. So always remember the chapel, which means you may never know where or how your “Dream Desire” will show up.

Obligate the universe with your generosity.

You may be pleasantly surprised how and when your new prosperity will arrive. Learn to leave all possibilities wide open.

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The I is for his name Ishmael, smile for his ever present smile, and gives
because the foundation will focus on children. Helping feed and educate.

The foundation is poured…..

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