How To Stop Your Mind From Wandering During Meditation

Have you ever meditated for ten minutes, WITHOUT your mind wandering in all sorts of deep and random places?  If so you may be a superhuman, or just way better at meditating then me, which is a huge possibility because I am decent at best.  Anyhoo I am assuming you have been in a situation.  Where the moment you start to meditate your mind starts to wander, and no matter how hard you try those random thoughts always seem to creep back into your mind.  If you have ever meditated before, you most likely have had this issue.  Where you were unable to clear your mind, so today I want to share with you a “hack” that may help you fix this issue.

 Meditation Hack


Those thoughts could be anything

From the time you saw your uncle's friend’s cousin steal a watermelon from your neighbor’s backyard.  Or when you didn’t say “your shoes are untied,” to that stranger on the subway, who then later tripped and fell into a fountain. Or the time you forgot to wear pants one day to school etc.

Anyways you get the point, there are billions of other random thoughts out there that have probably crossed your mind during your meditation practices.  So with that all being said, I want to tell you a little story about an experience I just had yesterday. That kind of accidentally helped me find a meditation “hack,” that I am sure nobody else has ever come up with (sarcasm :D).  


Story Time


Let's jump into the story, it was the perfect time to wind down and meditate for a bit.  So, I started to prepare my environment for optimal meditation practice. Just there was one issue that came up and really threw me off.  It was loud, so I found some headphones in my gym bag and put them in my ears. Now luckily these headphones are the kind that’s noise canceling.  By the way, if you were wondering the headphones I use are the Skullcandy jib, which you can get for $10, and they are perfect for noise cancellation.  Or you could go to Walmart or Amazon and find earplugs for cheap, which will work just as well.

Anyways, it was time to attempt to meditate with the headphones in my ears, which were doing a fantastic job of keeping my mind inside my head… if that makes sense.  Let me explain a little bit what I mean. I noticed that since I could not hear the outside world, the deep breaths I was taking in and out of my nose seemed louder internally.  Which helped me focus on the breath because I could hear it better. The key takeaways are, you should try to plug up your ears, so you eliminate the outside world from your focused mind.


Meditation Hack


Here at KOHTAY we like to keep things simple and easily applicable to your daily life because we totally understand that you may be in the grind of life right now.  And we know there's a chance you don’t have time to do all those crazy confusing methods out there. Like drink some magic potion and magically be able to read minds, live forever, and have a conversation with your dog (gosh darn we wish we could though!).  


Dog with hoody on


Now with all that being said, we hope you go out and actually try to wear some earplugs during your meditations and see if it helps you eliminate all the random thoughts overflowing your mind during your practice.  All it takes is 2 seconds to plug your ears up and BOOM, you’re now focused and ready to reap the rewards in life from all the awesome benefits of meditation.

Hey, Before You Go Please Watch This Short Video Below.




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