The Best Smart Home Gifts For 2019 *Early*

The Best Smart Home Gifts

If somebody you know has an event coming up and wants technology, there's a pretty good chance a smart home could be at the top of their list. The appeal of automation is difficult to beat, I mean seriously who doesn't love being able to turn off the lights with a simple “Hey Alexa could you turn off the lights, please.”

So why not make it easy on yourself and give your giftee what they want?

Most of the time unless they are very specific about an item, that is much easier said than done. There are tons of smart home products to choose from in the market place.

So with that being said, we're here to help you with our list of the best smart home gifts for 2019.  We will concentrate on the best products for home automation, so you do not have to waste hours of time looking at products that suck…

Now quick little side note we know Christmas is more than 10 months away, but there are many holidays in between then such as: Easter, Mother/Father's Day, Halloween, Birthday's etc.  Also we wanted to establish ourselves as the first people to talk about the Best Smart Home Gifts For 2019 (we think we were the first, don't quote us please).

Disclaimer: KOH TAY may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page

The Best Smart Home Gifts For 2018

Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST

We've had the chance to test a great deal of smart speakers this year, as more third parties jump on the bandwagon.

One of the best options if you're seeking a combination of Amazon Alexa, terrific sound as well as great portability is the $249.99 Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST. This portable speaker features both Wi-Fi and also Bluetooth wireless connectivity with Alexa onboard for wise residence and also songs control when attached to a Wi-Fi network. Unlike Amazon's very own Mirror clever speakers, it's mobile with a sturdy as well as water-proof layout, and also 16-hour battery life. As well as it sounds amazing too, with a few drivers and 360-degree sound.

The Best Smart Home Gifts For 2018

Amazon Echo Dot Third-Gen

Amazon's newest Echo Dot still costs $50, however it has an enhanced design and sound. This third-generation design can additionally work as a stereo pair, so snag 2 Dots as well as use them with each other for better audio. The brand-new Echo Dot can be found in black, medium as well as light gray finishes, which look excellent, however you don't get the same variety of shade alternatives as the Google Home Mini's charcoal, aqua, chalk and also coral finishes. This budget friendly tool is still a terrific entry-point into voice control and also smart speakers.

The Best Smart Home Gifts For 2018

AmazonBasics Microwave

Make sure whoever you give this gift to currently owns an Amazon Echo speaker, since you'll need that to get the most out of this microwave that you can control with Alexa. If that idea sounds silly, then we’re in the same boat as you, however saying, “Alexa, heat up my lunch,” feels like a pretty natural way to engage with a microwave. It's also a super low risk present for someone who needs a small, 700-watt microwave. It only costs $60, which is just as much or less than you would spend on a non-Alexa microwave.

So if your giftee desperately needs a microwave for this holiday season, than we highly suggest you pick up an AmazonBasics Microwave for them today!

The Best Smart Home Gifts For 2018

Netgear Orbi AC300

Lastly, here's a concept for a key tool that's frequently forgotten, yet is the key to any kind of smart house setup: the Wi-Fi Router. If a house's Wi-Fi isn't operating at peak performance, including smart devices then it is most likely to drag it down and also the smart tech itself will certainly be unreliable.

We have actually examined tons of high-powered Wi-Fi routers over the previous year– including AC5300 pc gaming routers— and nothing could even come close to the efficiency as well as rock-solid stability of the Netgear Orbi AC3000. This mesh Wi-Fi router consists of a satellite for 5,000 square feet of coverage. The wise system automatically allocates Wi-Fi efficiently and effectively, with rates that surprise other mesh systems.

The $369.99 Orbi is conveniently able to manage an increasing collection of clever home tools, 4K video clip streamers, game consoles as well as the typical array of smartphones, computers and tablet computers, making it a fantastic gift to anchor any kind of smart home tech.


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