Holiday Gift Guide : The Best Technology Stocking Stuffers For 2019

Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide : The Best Technology Stocking Stuffers For 2019


Tech gifts are fantastic, whether your giftee is a hardcore computer geek or a person simply discovering the magic of streaming video clips. Today in our Holiday Gift Guide we are discussing our most favorite gizmo gifts for this holiday season.

Now quick little side note we know Christmas is more than 10 months away, but we wanted to establish ourselves as the first people to talk about the 2019 Christmas in this holiday gift guide.  Also we wanted to be the first ones coming to your rescue because we know everybody buys their gifts super early. *sarcasm*

Disclaimer:  some of the links in this article are affiliate links.  If you click on those links and buy something we will receive a commission for the product you purchased.

Holiday Gift Guide

Anker Soundbuds

If you know someone still unhappy about the death of the headphone jack (it's all right, we are too), a set of Bluetooth earbuds may be just the ticket. There are a lot of wonderful alternatives out there, however our community selected Anker's SoundBuds Slim as their preferred– they're solidly developed, well-priced at $30, and also seem great, with a built-in mic and magnet holds too. If your loved one is a jogger or other sort of athlete, they may prefer the SoundBuds Curve, which have an even more protected fit around the ears. Or, reduced the cord totally with Anker's new SoundCore Liberty Lites at a fair price.

Holiday Gift Guide

Tile Tracker

Most of us have that one friend that's always losing stuff. Don’t you think it's time you got them a few Tile trackers, which attach to your keys, phone, laptop, or various other easily misplaced items so you can conveniently discover them later on. Just open up the Tile app on your phone and also you can “ring” the Floor tile of your choice– or, if it isn't within Bluetooth array, see a map of where it was last found. The Tile Mate is Tile's staple product, with the Tile Pro featuring an alarm that can be heard from farther away and it’s also much louder, and the Tile Slim being a little bit more portable for pocketbooks or other graceful objects.  This is our most favorite gift in this holiday gift guide because it’s the perfect stocking stuffer size.

Holiday Gift Guide

Oculus Go VR Headset

The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are still the kings of virtual reality, but they're pretty expensive– and also require an expensive gaming PC in order to use them. If that's a little bit unreachable for the player in your life, consider giving them the gift of Virtual Reality with the far more less expensive Oculus Go, which costs just $200 as well as has everything you require to start seeing video clips and also playing video games. If they have a suitable phone, Google's Daydream View and also Samsung's Gear VR are also excellent (less expensive) choices, though the Oculus Go isn't linked to one brand, which is great.

Holiday Gift Guide

Ryze Tello Drone

Affordable drones have been getting much better recently, and whether your friend is aiming to tinker around or really take some trendy, sweeping pictures from above, the Ryze Tello is the cheap drone to beat. Our friends at Gizmodo tested it against the competitors and discovered it to be the very best one, as well as at just $100, you do not need to stress too much about them falling out of the sky and flushing a ton of your hard-earned moolah down the pipes.  For the Holiday Gift Guide this one goes above and beyond as a great stocking stuffer in our opinion at KOH TAY.



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