The Pros and Cons of the Internet in the Current Day and Age


The world is very reliant on the power of the internet today.


The internet has changed the very concepts of how you and I think.  Now, you can easily get all sorts of info with just a few clicks of a mouse.  It has become effortless to solve problems and learn new skills, because of the internet.

It has also become a key object for our entertainment, because you can listen to unlimited songs and watch movies, videos, and shows online.  And it also created an easy and simple way to stay connected with your friends and family.

But keep in mind there are many disadvantages that have come about, because of the internet as well.  Mostly with every positive thing in life there usually happens to be a little negative that comes along with it, and that’s okay.




The Pros: There are so many advantages to the internet. Such as…


The unlimited access to information: Now You can easily find all kinds of information online. There are many websites from where you can get your information.  Different websites are dedicated to different types of topics.  You can enhance your power of your knowledge through some of these sites.  They can be helpful in order to gather some information related to virtually any topic you want to learn about.

Communication plays a giant role in bridging a connection between friends and family.  The internet has blessed us with many tools like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and any other social media platform under the sun.  These social media platforms allow us to easily stay connected with our friends and family.



Marketing and business: Today businesses establish their web presence through social media such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, YouTube etc.  Because most businesses customers are on the internet, a business is now able to connect with their customers easily and grow their business fast.  Also, businesses can easily fill job positions faster for qualified recipients due to the internet having a plethora of amazing job sites.  So, marketing is very easy and simple, businesses can collect tons of customers from the internet, and fill job positions faster as well.


The cons: There are some disadvantages as well. such as…


Growing of illegal activity: Besides its advantages, the main disadvantage is the growing influence of “illegal activists”. There are many people who use the internet for illegal purposes. The pirated versions of music and movies has increased a lot (most normal internet users do this, so it’s not the biggest no-no in the books of internet law lets be honest haha).

Too dependent: Because of how great it is, some have become too dependent on the internet. We cannot do anything without it. Our dependency creates a barrier to our lives. Some people should maybe consider decreasing their amount of daily internet usage.

Exposed and vulnerable: Children go online and are continuously vulnerable due to this.  You never want to put your children at risk, the web can harm their innocence and their future if they are not careful. There are many illegal and vulnerable websites that your children should avoid in order to not be traumatized.

The internet is an important tool here at KOH TAY and probably yours as well.  We are attached to it very deeply and it is a very convenient tool for making our lives simple.  We cannot live without is because our business is on the internet, and you probably have important things on here as well.

The internet has many pros and cons to it, but we should all use the internet with caution and stay away from the dangers as well.  We can use the true power of it for good or evil, but we should always try to avoid its potentially risky consequences.

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